My New Coop - Chickens Not Laying

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    I just recently transformed my old shed into a chicken coop. Giving my 4 chickens tons of space to run, roost and do chicken stuff. They also have a ton of space in an attached run.

    I spent quite a bit of money securing it and am very satisfied with that but what bums me out is that only one chicken is consistently laying now that I moved them. It's been a couple of weeks and no other chickens have laid. I know this also may be the change in temperature but I find the timing odd.

    I have attached a video of my coop. What else can I do to improve their quality of life and promote egg production? Should I be giving them supplements/probiotics? Is it warm enough in there for them? I have an Easter Egger, Australorp, Buff Orpington and Buff Brahma
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    The coop looks nice but it may need more ventilation.
    The combination of decreasing day length and the stress of the move are likely combining to cause the problem.
    As creatures of habit, they get stressed with change. Stress usually stops ovulation.
    How old are your hens?
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    Moving to a new home can put them off the lay until they've settled in and it is time for their annual break to molt. How old are they? You may not see eggs for a while if this is their first winter as adults.
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    Coop looks great how many do you have you did a great job there I use the big rubber made style of tubs cut the front off with a dremmel but they need ventilation that does not blow over them
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    My Coop
    Pics of your coop would be better than that video,
    which was rather hard to view and I could 'rewatch' it.

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