My new coop from a old school bus


10 Years
Feb 25, 2011
Nokesville, Va
I wanted to post a link and show off my brand new coop/run made from an old school bus. I got the bus for free from a friend that had it setting in a field. Took me a few weeks to get it moved to the house and strip it out. I removed the wheels and dropped it down on wood blocks. Then the dear wife decided she didn't like an old bus sitting out in the yard, so I cladded it with some old fence boards I had piled up. Now it looks like a bus in big box, but wifey is happy. Needs a coat of red paint though. I'm in the process of putting a lean-too roof over the front windows now. I got the run panels from a lady that was going to throw them out. I put in 10 nest boxes using some hinged shutters I picked up from the Habitat for Humanity Re-store. So far I have about $200 invested in the entire thing due to using materials I already had. Much of the lumber came from props from an old theater that is being torn down nearby. The birds seem to be real happy with the new set-up and are as predator safe as they can possible be. Lots of light and good ventilation.

Anyway, here's the link to the pics. Take a look and tell me what ya think. I'm always open to suggestions.

I love the recycling! So how many will this be housing? Accepting applications for new tenants as I am sure you will have a line fast.
Thanks! I'm looking to top out at 20-25 birds. Depends on what breed and sizes to go for. Right now I have 2 roos and 11 ladies of various breeds on board. I may try some bantams. Used to keep them as a kid. I'm hoping one of my girls will go broody so I can get some peeps!

That is funny. I love it. I'm glad you made it look like a building with the wood. It looks nice and is very fun on the inside.
Very cool. I posted with questions on a movable chicken coop plan, but you have that mastered (minus the blocks) Love the ingenuity. Looks like a great home for our feathered friends

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