My new homemade quail waterer....


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
Toms River, New Jersey
hello everyone, I got 10 coturnix quail in middle of May, I was using a quart chick waterer becuase i thought there so small it would last them awhile, boy was i wrong! they drink the whole thing in a day! and by the time i can get out there in th emornign there going crazy for more! and oday one finally escaped because i opened the door and he ran out! so i knew i had to do something so i went on here and was looking up some ideads and i decided on this one, its going in the run of my quail pen and i can give them water from the outside, I'll take more pics when its installed,

This is were its going to go out of the run,

This is the elbow witch the pipe is going to go up for me to fill it,

And this is the pipe witch i will fill the water trough,

The actual trough witch is going to hold the water is about 35 inches long and all of it was made from 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe. O and you can see where the quail would put there heads to drink. Thanks!
Looks great! Unfortunately I'm mentally visually impaired so can't picture how it's going to work. Please post pics when you're done because you're right - they really do go through the water FAST. I use two pop bottle waterers on each cage and have to sometimes refill them both twice a day. I'd love to find an alternative!
Thanks, its pretty simple,(atleast i think so!) the left end has a cap on it, and the right end has a PVC elbow, the elbow is going to go through the wire of the run and out to the outside of the cage, the long pip thats conected to other elbow is where im going to fill it from, the water is going to go through the pvc pip and into the trough where the wholes are cut into it. ill post more pics of it when i get it installed.
I don't think its going to work if its an open system the water will just overflow at the point that is opened. If your water source is a closed system it will work. However if you can install a valve and that will fix the problem.
hello, its not a auto. watere, the only reason for the pvc pipe going up is it make it easier for me to fill, all im going to do is just pour the water in intill the trough is filled. Thats it lol I think thats what you were talking about

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