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    Sep 16, 2007
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    hi everybody i just wanted to write a blurb about my newest acquisition. i was visiting my uncle the other day (who on a side note used to raise emus turkeys and chickens). anyways i was talking with him about my problems with my latest incubator. i have since fixed the problems with the newest incubator but while i was there yakking away about birds my uncle gave me an incubator he has had for 20 years but only used once. he got it from a friend of his down in houston. its a leahy manufacturing cabinet incubator. not sure what the model # is but its label says favorite incubator. i looked them up and the company went out of business over 30 years ago which means my incubator is older than i am but i love it. all i had to do was put some 3 in 1 oil for the fan motor do a little bit of cleani9ng the cobwebs and all the shell pieces in it (lets me know it succeeded at some point lol). i also replaced the main power cord with a fairly new extension cord end that had crapped out on me. the seal strip around it i also replaced with some door and window strip. its looking great. i have it running now and im trying to get the temperature set and its controls are a lot trickier than my old gqf . oh asa bonus he also gave me these trays he made for his emu eggs and they actually hold my turkey eggs well and i think i might use them. anyone out there got one of these older style incubators. id love to pick your brain.

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    Wow thats great!!! I bet you will have some great hatches in that. Got to love family!!
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    Wow, that's so neat - I love the look of it. Congratulations and good luck!

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