My new peachick


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Well after 28 days of incubation I got one peachick. I do not know the color yet as the eggs i bought was a mix of silver pied, white and a few other colors mixed in.. But i got one nice healthy peachick. I call him pete for know. here is a couple pics.


I have a old heating pad under the puppy pad. He or she likes to lay on the heat and stretch out. For bed time i have a old fuzzy house shoe the chick crawls into and sleeps. Kind of like a little kangaroo in its pouch. lol
Ok so Pete is lonely. I know i have seen to keep him away from chickens and off the ground. I was wondering if i could give him a fresh hatched chicken chick to be friends with. this chick will be fresh out of the incubator and should be free of worms since it has never touched ground. i have been reading where others have raised 1 single pea chick with a chicken chick so it is not to lonely. I don't want to do any thing that could harm Pete. But don't want him so spoiled that i need to hold him 24/7. any help would be great Thank you all
Ok so all 10 of the silkie eggs hatched over the last 3 days, last one came out today. So Pete has all the company he can stand. He is eating and drinking on his own. And he seems to be a happy little peachick.

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