My new quails and my adventure!


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I am finally getting started in quail, I am so excited! I had my first hatch group is 3 weeks old, and I just had another group hatch out yesterday. The first group the breeder sent me 30 eggs, I ordered 12 and she said she would send extras if I didn't mind. I was very surprised to see all those eggs! Sadly only four hatched out of that group, but four beautiful little ones, I believe she said I ended up with one Glory Gold and three Red Tuxedos. Since I only had the four hatch out, she sent me 20 more, just the cost of shipping. Then the day they were delivered, I saw the mail truck pull into my driveway, by the time I got to the door, the mail carrier just drops the box on my steps. I couldn't believe it, I mean it had Fragile written in giant red letters all over it! Out of those 20, only 13 weren't smashed. I even had to clean off a few shells, marked them, since I wasn't sure it would effect hatching. And out of those 13 I got 7 cute little quails! Three of those hatched out of the washed eggs too! This time I got a few different colors, still figuring them out. These are some tuff little birds, to hatch out of dropped and washed eggs, it was also one of the hottest days we have had on the day they were delivered. But now I think I'm off to a good start, with 11 quails, here's hoping I got a nice boy to girl mix
And my pics!

The new babies!

My Three week olds

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