My new Runner ducks :)


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My new runner ducks!! I just had to share!!
I got these babies off a friend I met on this forum. Thanks Becky!!


Thing 1 and Thing 2


Perry Peencock Jr.



Last but definitely not least. My absolute favorite!!

Cindy Lou Who

I love these little fellows.
They are so awesome. They are the friendliest, most loving ducks!!
I do have a question for the forum. Is it normal for runner ducks to shake? My little Cindy Lou legs just shake and shake and then she lays down. She does this a lot. Is this normal.
Another question...How to properly introduce them to my other ducks. I put a dog kennel fence at the end of my current flock's run. I sit in it with the runner ducks and let them play and eat close to the flock. After 20-30 mins I let the flock out of their run to spend time with the new babies. The first night the big ducks chased them and pushed them down to the ground. The next night the babies started standing up to the flock and scared them all back in the pen. Since then, things are a little better but as soon as one gets too close to the other the chase begins. Sometimes it is funny to watch. If I spend to much time talking to the babies a Pekin will charge the group. Each time that happens I pick up the Pekin and hold him and I also pick up a baby and hold him. I make them spend up close personal time together in my arms.
I hope I am doing the right things. They need to get along with each other by the time my babies have all the feathers.
One last question: Can anyone help me with the colors? I am confused. Never had runners before. Are they pencilled or fawn and white. Buff or chocolate???? Tell me what you think?

I have to end with the cutest close up!

Cindy Lou Who

And a picture of the group

Thanks again Becky for the awesome runner babies!! And thanks to backyard chickens for such a great forum!!
Gorgeous babies! You're very lucky

Mine did that a lot when they were little. The girls especially used to totter around with their necks stretched right out and so did one of my boys when he was little, but they grew out of it
Just make sure they get the exercise they need to have strong leg muscles and they should be fine
My, those are some fine looking ducks!!
You took excellent pics of them! I am curious to hear what the experts on here think of their colors.
I see Thing 1 and Thing 2 are still hanging out together. I'm glad you decided to take all of them, except I think I gave you the good ones and I kept all of the troublemakers!!!

And a picture of the group.

The upper one looks like a Mallard colored runner.
The two in the middle look like a cross between a blue and Fawn & White.
The one at the bottom to the right looks like Silver from a Blue and Blue Mating.
Then the cute duckies butt at the bottom left of the picture looks like the same as the two middle ones.

Very cute and nice assortment of colors!
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Thanks everyone for the responses!! Thanks for the help with the colors.

Becky, I'm glad you saw the post. I thought this would be the best way to show you how well the babies are doing. You did such an excellent job with them because they are absolute sweethearts. Thing 1, Thing 2 and Cindy Lou are the best to handle. They love to be held. Penny and Perry could take it or leave it and probably preferrably leave it. Hopefully that will change
I am glad I took all of them too. I don't know how they would have gotten along with less. They are very bonded to each other.

Thanks again for my new beautiful babies!!

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