My new can blame Terrie Lacy...

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by SpottedCrow, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. SpottedCrow

    SpottedCrow Flock Goddess

    It's not completely done and I have a ton more stuff to put up, but I would like brutally honest constructive criticisms...of what I've done so far...
    I didn't want to glom onto the other thread so that why it's here, but feel free to move it, if you need to.
  2. RubberChickenLubber

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    Oct 19, 2007
    Newton, NC
    I don't know if etsy works like ebay, but you may want to put in the title what it is, so it can be pulled up by search.


    The same here, I started me an etsy store two days ago. [​IMG]
  3. SpottedCrow

    SpottedCrow Flock Goddess

    Thanks...they have like the magic search word thingee going on there...but I'll try that too...
  4. LittleChickenRacingTeam

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Ontario, CANADA
    The middle pic seems kinda blurry, but maybe it's my eyes.

    I think you got a great idea there SC. Your dream catchers are very nice. Would you consider doing a custom one if I sent you some Lucky feathers?
  5. IHeartChickens

    IHeartChickens Songster

    Nov 13, 2007
    Pacific NW
    I like your site. Do you make a chicken dreamcatcher? I am always dreaming of chickens [​IMG]
  6. DuckLady

    DuckLady Administrator

    Jan 11, 2007
    NE Washington State
    I am sre getting blamed for a lot around here! Hehehehe.

    I believe LCRT blamed me for his future ducks (and probably the hole he dug in is front yard).

    All best luck! I added you to my favorite shops!
  7. nccountrygirl

    nccountrygirl Songster

    Jul 31, 2007
    Sanford N.C.
    IHeartChickens, I was just wondering the same thing, SpottedCrow can you make one that has chicken beads in it, so we can dream about more chickens.
  8. mlheran

    mlheran Songster

    I think it's a great shop, and Etsy is a great community!
    Just one thing, particularly with the daisy and ivy ones I think you're undervaluing/underselling yourself a bit. It's not just the cost of materials that go into a piece, but the idea and construction itself -many craftsmen don't seem to give themselves enough value. [​IMG]
  9. SpottedCrow

    SpottedCrow Flock Goddess

    I actually have one on my front door. LOL

    Close up of the beads
    Noone here but us Galliformes...
  10. SpottedCrow

    SpottedCrow Flock Goddess

    Thank, Mlheran...I do have a markup so that if they don't sell quickly I can put them on sale and still have a teeny profit...
    Yes, Kerry, I can...

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