My nigi doelings are reserved!


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11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Willamette Valley, OR
I just reserved 2 little nigi doelings. The breeder has 3 does due in May and June, and we get first dibs at the doelings! We won't get to take them home until they are 8-10 weeks old, but she will send us pictures when they are born. We are also going to make a trip or two up there to visit before we get to take them home. It's going to drive me crazy having to wait, but we still have some building and fencing to do anyway.

Here is the breeder's site with her does listed: The potential moms are Latte, Aurora, and Layla

They are all bred to Rock:

This is all FrenchHen's fault for having such adorable sweet little nigis. We had planned to get goats this year, but hadn't totally settled on a breed. Meeting her little sweet boys cemented the nigis for us. In fact, if our goat shed was done, my eldest son would have been loading one of her boys in the back of the van that day

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