my one hens has a constant dirty bum


9 Years
Mar 3, 2010
this is a matter of less importance than my rooster, but while i am here i am looking for advice about one of my hen's. she has a constant "dirty bum" (she does have light colored feathers) and she seems to have runny poop all the time as well. What could be causing this??? Does she have worms? She escapes the run almost every day...often even before feeding time and she eats alot of the cat's dry food....can any of this be the cause? she is quite the character and seems to be a bit of a loner i the flock....
Do you have your chickens on a regular worming program? Is she the only chicken with runny pooh? Does she lay eggs, and if so, have you noticed any blood on the eggs?
If she does lay, and there's no blood, and you have wormed your chickens, feeding her some cooked white rice will firm up her pooh. It can't be the instant or minute rice, it has to be the kind you cook.
Good luck.
to both of you!
I agree with BC's advice. Does her butt have white or brown poo on it? Not sure if it makes a huge difference, but I have hens with a pasty-butt appearance and they eat/act normal.
Oh, and yogurt with active cultures is never a bad thing!
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i have not wormed them yet (i have had them about a year) but i suppose that i should! she is the one that i notice has it the worst but she does not lay eggs with any blood on them...none of them do...but i will try the rice! Anyone know what works that is natural for deworming? These are pretty strictly organic chickies...

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