My one lagged poult. :)


8 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Alberta Canada
First off I don't know anything about turkeys.

My cousin give me this three week old turkey poult four days ago that had its lag chewed off by a rat.. I cleaned its cut that was caked in poo really good and wrapped it up in vet wrap. Put her in a cat crat with rags a heat pad, chick stater and water. She's doing great!! :) two days later she started learning to walk again with her little stump of a lag! I can't believe how fast she's learning to adapt. So anyways she's a meat turkey that was going to be someone's dinner one day... :( I'm thinking she's a BBW turkey because she's white but I really don't know? My cousin said all her turkey poults are females. So I'd like to know how long I can keep her alive with a low fat diet? I'd really like to keep her as a pet but I do know that one day she will most likely have to many health prablems and all have to put her down...

Any advis would be great! :)

The night I picked her up.



And two days later.


I named her Hop along Cassidy. :)
You are amazing, what a great job u have done thumbs up
your now her mummy keep her as a pet and u are doing everything right!!!

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