My Only Chicken is a Sultan


Jul 13, 2020
My DIL recently surprised me with a chicken, she knows that I like chickens! This gifting was on 7-30-20! So, I have ONE chicken, a Sultan, and I don’t know much about her as there is a certain vagueness about where she came from. I will want more chickens, but need to get set up for more. Thankfully, the chicken is young and seems adaptable, since she doesn’t appear to mind hanging out in a Pack ‘n Play filled with sand, because that is all I have available for a run; her “coop” is the bottom of an antique standing closet in the garage that is nice & dark (and safe). We do have predators like snakes, hawks, raccoons, opossums, etc. and also the heat is problematic. She is adorable and we trimmed her feathers around her eye so she can see. It’s like suddenly getting a puppy, yowser!

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