My orphan chick was attacked by my dog. Help!


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Aug 20, 2019
So it’s been a month since we were given an orphan chick to take care of, since we have another chicken who we thought would take him under his wing which she didn’t sadly..
Anyways, he’s a fearless little guy (or girl idk) he’s not scared of our dogs, of us, anything really. He’s so curious! Today in the morning when my mom was giving him some water (she happened to open the wrong door) the baby chick was more exposed because of this and our dog managed to grab his leg and wouldn’t let go. It’s now been about 17 hours since this occurred and I thought it was just a sprain that will resolve on it’s own but my dad believes it is broken and he has no function of his nerves since his leg just hangs around loosely like it’s like an extra limb Bc he doesn’t control it. Right now he’s not perched up since he keeps falling down. He’s huddled in the corner of his cage and he’s not in any physical pain. He seems okay but im worried about his leg and overal future because how is he supposed to scavenge for food on his own? He’s not a baby baby chick he’s more like a “child” closer to the “teen” phase. He’s still pretty young and small and I hope it resolves on it’s own. Anyways my question was if anyone has any experience in this situation.. is there a way of telling if it’s broken or not? Should I wait for it to resolve on it’s own? If I wait too long will there be no hope at al in fixing it ?

(Picture of him before his injury)


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