My peahen went missing


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Mar 17, 2012
hi. this is the first year i have owned peacocks. i got a pair of supposedly 3 year old indian blues in march. i havent seen the female in two days and i have looked all over. they have roamed free for about a month and a half now. Is it possible she went somewhere to lay eggs at this time of year? the male is always around the house though so would she go lay eggs without him? Or should i assume a predator got her?
She is most likely off in the woods somewhere nesting. Mine have been mating for the last month and my peahen disappeared about a week ago. She came back a few days later and she was soak & wet (it'd been raining) and looking for food. Wet- that's how I know she's been on a nest, otherwise she would have gotten out of the rain. I haven't seen her for about 2 days.

Peahens nest on the ground in the woods unless they are penned in. Her mate will be calling for her though, have you noticed that? They will only come off of their nest to eat. I think my peahen has plenty of food to nibble on around her nest, the only time I've seen her come around is when it's been raining. I try to keep a coffee can of sunflower seeds an oats for her during the day in case I don't see her wandering around looking for food.
I'm no expert, but I hope that helps!

My male is always around the house, too. In fact I think he is still in mating mood, because he constantly throws his feathers up when the chickens come's kind of funny to watch.

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