My pekin ducks hasn't laid eggs...HELP!


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6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
I wanted to ask if anyone could tell me why my pekin ducks haven't laid an egg yet.
They're 27 weeks old and I've read that they lay around 22 weeks. I own nine hens and they lay everyday, so I'm wondering why my pekin ducks haven't given me an egg yet.

Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong :(
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Might be the weather, # of hours of daylight, molt, just late bloomers? When I had Pekins I don't think they started til closer to 6mos. Do they look healthy otherwise? If yes then I would not worry til Spring.
Yes they're healthy girls :) I have two females and a male. Two months ago one of the males passed away without warning. So do you believe they are late bloomers? The temperature here used to be 105 in the summer, but now it's around 80s-90s also cloudy

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