My Pekin ducks wings are turn a rust color??


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Mar 9, 2022
My year old Female Pekin Ducks their wings are turning an ugly rust color I have no idea why. Can someone please help me on what to do? The male Pekin ducks and my 4month old Pekin duck are perfectly white and they all are together it's just my 7 one year old Females.


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Are they pin feathers or beige colored feathers? She might have other breeds in her. I think she's pretty.
No they are pure breeds. But there something not right their wings don't look as good as they use to I think they lost their waterproofing on them because when they get wet from the rain their wings look soaked. I noticed that they are not swimming in their pools like they use to.
I think that the ducks are getting ready to molt their flight feathers.

Our pekins -- my son has two females and a drake and I have four drakes -- are beginning to get beige colored flight feathers. Some of them are very tattered as these ducks are very active running around and getting into shrubbery etc.

Your ducks seem to have more of the flight feathers than ours do [at the moment].

Two of our drakes were rescued2 months ago and had been abused prior to dumping by a roadside. They had had their wings very cruelly and unnecessarily clipped and their little stumps are pinky-beige. One is now getting new flight feathers and I hope the other will soon, too. But our own pekins also have developed pinky/beigy flight feathers.

I really don't think that you have anythign to worry about with your ducks if they are eating drinking and running around normally
Those flight feathers will molt and the new ones will be white. If it would just stop raining here, I would go out and take a photo of my pekins with beigy pink flight feathers although not so many of my ducks feathers have gone that color, yet. They are just year old pekin feathers!
i had this with one of my ducks. turns out she had wet feather. I brought her indoors a warm bath with mild liquid soap and dried her then applied anti pen spray. indoors in a pen with only water deep enough for dunking her beak in and not swimming. the improvement over night is fantastic. kept in for 2 nights and now back out with the others.

hope that helps

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