My pekin hatchling is leaking white foamy stuff! does anyone know why????


6 Years
Jul 21, 2016
This is our first batch of pekin ducks being incubated there suppose to hatch tomorrow but we have one that is leaking this white foamy stuff out of the bottom has this happened to anyone or does anyone know why this is happening if you do please reply to this post.
Can you post a picture? When was the last time you candled it? Are there any smells coming from the incubator? What has the humidity been at during incubation? Is there any movement from that egg or any other eggs?

Sorry for all of the questions, just want to get as much information as possible. Right now, my guess is that either the egg is bad and it's oozing due to pressure buildup (handle with care!!) or the duck pipped on the bottom and excess fluid (from high humidity) is leaking from the pip.
The last time we candled it was yesterday and we could not see anything moving it was all black but we could see the air pocket at the bottom, yes there is a very bad smell coming from the incubator and yesterday we had two bad eggs, the humidity is at 62 right now because they are all suppose to lay tomorrow, yes there is movement in all the other eggs, it is ok I love the questions!
If you had two bad eggs, there is a good chance this one is bad as well. Any time I have had a bad egg, there was more than one and they were all in the same vicinity. Although, usually once the bad eggs are removed, the smell goes away (as long as they didn't break). So it sounds like there is still a bad egg in there.
I would remove that egg immediately. Wear gloves, long sleeves and have a plastic bag ready to place it in. You do not want it to burst inside the incubator, or on yourself.

Good luck with your hatch! Sounds like the rest of them will do just fine!

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