My Pet Chicken or Meyers - feather legged Bantam assortment


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7 Years
Jul 15, 2012
My order from My Pet Chicken comes the week of 4/28 I was curious , who has ordered this assortment and what did you get? I ordered six so I should get at least 3 different breeds. this is exciting and I love the fact that what I get will be a surprise.
I would love to see pictures
My order from MPC arrived yesterday no idea yet exactly what I have - except I think I have at least 2 silkies (if I understand the toes)
picture quality is not great - hard to take with one hand and squirmy chicks
This little girl is not a silkie - any ideas?

What I think is a sikie foot

Silkie chick who owns the above foot is this a partridge?

middle chick is not a silkie either a Brahma or Mille Fleur
black chick Cochin?

I also have what I think is a white silkie and another Mille Fleur or Brahma - i will get their pictures up later today.

I would love to hear what people think I got

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