My Pet Chicken ~ What a Sham


May 18, 2015
Harpswell, Maine
Well my foray into having backyard chickens has begun with a horrible experience thanks to my pet chicken. "Ugent" that I call since they don't have the breeds I ordered. So, I get 4 choices, none of which I knew or wanted or I lose the whole order. So I choose. Then I get online and see they have about 20 different choices! I call back but it's "completed" and cannot be changed. What a SHAM and a disgrace. I will never order from them again. Clearly they like to shuffle things around to their liking and don't list any of the popular available breeds until AFTER you choose from whatever leftovers they wanted to get rid of. I'm totally disgusted with customer support and the entire experience with my pet chicken. NEVER AGAIN.
I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with MPC. I've ordered from them in the past and this year, and I have been nothing but very happy with the service and the condition of my chicks, despite the post office never being able to get them to me when their tracking says they'll be delivered.

When you checked online, did you check the "availability" as well as look at the breeds you wanted? Usually they are sold out of most breeds before chick season even gets started.
Oh that stinks. I am so sorry to hear that. I had a really wonderful experience with them. One of the breeds I wanted had a low hatch rate so they sent me a speckled sussex instead. Sadly her little neck broke on her way to me. I was so distraught. They were very kind and caring through the whole process. even as I sobbed on the phone. I would suggest to possibly call back and speak with someone new? Explain your whole situation as sweetly as possible and I am sure they will fix this for you. It is a busy time of year for hatcheries so maybe the person you originally spoke with was just cranky and tired. Definitely call back!
I ordered 6 Buff Orpingtons from MPC , hatched on 5/20 and they arrived on 5/21. 5 hens and a roo. So far all are doing great and are growing by the minute (literally it seems). I had an issue regarding chick supplies and the customer service was excellent and changed my order to suit my needs and they arrived as ordered also. I have read so many reviews and experiences regarding hatcheries and shipping chicks etc., that I think it's a crap shoot on survival rate etc and no one hatchery is better than any other when it's all said and done. Ordering from MPC was my first experience buying chicks online. I have an order of 12 Buff Orp hens due to arrive next week from another hatchery and I went with another hatchery due to the fact of price and availability , not because of a bad experience. Hopefully this batch of chicks will have the same success..

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