my pheasant has broken his foot!

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    Jul 3, 2013
    my ringneck pheasants are in a small run while we build their bigger, permanent enclosure, and i have to drag this to different spots on the lawn every day because they eat everything... an the other morning i was in a rush, and as i was dragging the run my pheasant got his foot trapped under the bottom, and it's broken. as soon as i realised he was stuck i lifted it up (this thing is heavy), and i went to uni for the day hoping he had just bruised it and that he would be walking on it by the time i got home. but it's been two days now and his foot is VERY swollen, and moves from side to side slightly whereas his other foot does not... i am sooo so worried, i feel awful for not being more careful :c if i can afford it i'm going to buy some metacam for him (my granny works with wildlife rehabilitation and she used metacam for pretty much everything), and i'm HOPING that it'll heal on its own okay, but i'm mostly worried about the swelling? it's about twice as fat as his other foot

    i'm not sure if i can get photos, because i've handled him today and yesterday and i don't want to stress him out any more than he already is... i'm frightened to death that i'm just hurting him more :c he's tame but doesn't like being touched (he likes his face being stroked though <3). if he gets worse or doesn't improve fast enough then i will take him to the vets, but i can't afford that for a little while.

    does anyone have any advice? i'm so worried in case it heals wrong and he can never use his foot again...

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