my pigeon didnt come home

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    Mar 10, 2014
    hi guy.. :( can i ask some advice..

    i let my pigeon fly this morning she got a partner and they have hatchling

    i only allowed the male to fly and keeping the female in the cage but until now the male didnt come home yet.. its already 8:30 pm..will it come home tomorrow?
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    As a rule of thumb the male usually tends the nest in the day time and the female tends the nest at night.

    I hope for your sake the pigeon does return. In a perfect world the odds are 70/30 in your favour. The odds would be reversed if you have homers that arrived at your loft as adults. Your odds would have been much better if you had released the female first. Breed and age of the bird also is a big factor on how long it take for them to adapt to a new loft.

    It is best to release your birds hungry and in the evening. It is a good idea to only feed your birds twice a day and only for 10 minutes. Have them coming to a feed call (rattling feed can or whistle what ever you decide). Also if you let you birds observe the loft and surrounding area through an aviary and have them trap train your odds increase.

    This is a peek at my landing board and tapping system. The window hinges down on winter days; The floor folds down for easy cleaning; The landing board hinges up to form a aviary for trap training and an observation post.



    You can do all these things to prepare for the release and still have things go sour.

    You may have to supplement the feeding on your hatchlings some times one parent finds it overwhelming..

    Let me tell you of one of my experiences with a male homer that had never been flown from a buddies loft over 100 miles away from me.

    This is a picture of the pair just shortly after they had mated up.


    They had raised 2 batches of squabs before I released the female on her own with some of the juvenile birds. For some reason I had the feeling the male was not comfortable in the new loft.

    I acquired the birds on January 23, 2012 . I had planned to release the male on Mother's day in May regardless if he stayed or not.

    Long story short he escaped two weeks before my planned released date and he was back in Turo (his home loft) before night fall. Some pigeons will adjust to a new loft in a matter of weeks. Other homing pigeons will never call a new loft home.

    One bird made this flight back to my home town nine months after he had been in captivity in buddies loft.!2d46.1532877!2m1!6e4!3e2!4e1?hl=en

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    Good luck.. keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Are they used to flying free outside the cage? Is the cage outside or in you house?

    If they are used to being in the house, and then you let them go outside they will be scared and confused, and not be able to find they way back.. as they won't recognise where they are.
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