my pigeons get on each other's nerves....


8 Years
May 22, 2011
Hello I just found this it! I recently bought 2 pigeons at an exotic animal sale. I would like to know if the are males or females or both. They seem to hate each fact they fought on the way home after I bught them. I thought I had it figured out when one kept herding the other around, I thought ...Aha! male/female...but then the "female" started herding the "male" around... And even though they fly together and hang out together they still fight and act like they cannot stand each other. Can anyone out there explain it? I like having pigeons and want them to be happy
If you're trying to figure out who is the male and who is the female; males generally are more aggressive, sweep their tails on the ground and do a little dance. Of course, sometimes there are exceptions and a hen may act like that! The surefire way to tell a hen is if she lays an egg:)
Maybe you have two males? Good luck!

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