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Jan 6, 2012
Ok so I seem to have a bad case of chicken fever, It's like I have chickens on the brain all the time!

I have only had chicken for about 6-7 months and I keep thinking "What I could do with them"? (not stew or roast lol)
So after 15 + hours looking over forums this weekend I have got information over load so the best way to learn is just jump in with both feet, I have decided to try and hatch some Chicks my self this year I was thinking about just buying some egg's in rather than get a roo just yet!
Dose any one no of a good breeder in the UK for some good blue laying Araucanas so I can get my hands on some egg's I have looked on the UK Araucana club, but I'd like some input from you guys on this as I am like a little boy in a sweet shop taking the first thing and ending up with a EE,
I have stared buying things already I have a in door rabbit cage, Chick Crum, and a heat lamp (I see people use normal lamps so will the heat lamp be to hot for them?) iv saved up some jam jars for water all I need is an incubator, is there any think else I'm missing?

My plan for the Year is:

Get/Make all the equipment needed to Hatch some egg's and raise some chicks

Find and hatch some Araucanas (If I can)

Try and cross an araucana with a leghorn then back with a leghorn (can this be done as iv not found much on the net about it there just seems to be cream leg bars)

Win the lottery!!

Buy a farm
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Just an update,
I've got my self an incubator I can't do any chickens till mid march (dam life getting in the way!)
So I have gone for some Quails just to see how I get on

Wish me luck..!

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