My Polish Hen is lethargic!


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
Cooper, Texas
My little polish hen has been acting off the last day or so, today she wouldn't come out of the coop. I brought her out, brought her in the house and one of her eyes seemed to have some crusty discharge and was closed. I rinsed it with warm water and left her on the bed with me for awhile then put her outside in the sun. She's not walking around. She does preen - but......

I gave her some water [which she drank] and some pumpkin pie [which she ate], but she just doesn't seem to be herself. Her head seems to droop - it's like a little kid when they're falling asleep standing up.

Should I bring her in? What should I do?
I've brought her in the house, cleaned her eyes with saline solution, nose also seems a little crusty; does not seem to have difficulty breathing, but not eating, drinking or eating. Anybody?
I don't know. I would keep her in the house a while for observation, and make sure you have things to save her if she starts to crash. I've heard of a staff infection, the person was cleaning it and the infection moved so fast from her leg to her heart that she died in a minute. Just to give you an idea how fast she could die.
Go straight for the tylan. IT's a powder and you put it in her drinking water. If she won't drink it, give it to her with a dropper.

That's what I would do....

What's Tylan? Where do I get it? Yylan is a restricted drug in California. Any other suggestions? I gave her a sitz bath. Vent looks clean. Doesn't seem to have an impacted crop. Seeming a little less lethargic. Both eyes open now, and nostrils clear. She's laying in the sun with the two cats......

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