my polish!!!!


In the Brooder
Aug 1, 2016
I just lost my Elvis 8/17/16 @ 3:00 pm ( i think he's polish ) i am so devastated and so so hurt right now!! he was my baby and my favorite!!! I can't seem to stop cry knowing he's gone, he had some lice so I treated him with that powder deo something!!! he was doing fine when I went and feed them in the morning but I noticed he's got a teary eye, so i went and get something for eye infections and when I came home, I found him just laying like he's very sick so I picked him up and he looked at me and when I tried to let him stand he tried but too weak to stand, so I hurried tried to give him water to hydrate him to no avail!!!! and he died in my hand. it seems like he waited for me!!!!!! OMG it hurts so bad!!! I feel like I just lost my baby!!!!!

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