My poor Jim keeps getting battered by Rose

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    Hey everyone, Just a query really... nothing too important.

    My rooster, Jim, keeps trying to mate with Rose, one of my hens. All of my chickens are young, all under 1 year so I think they are still establishing pecking orders... but everytime Jim does his little dance and goes in for mating, Rose beats him! She chases him, pecks him, they have full on fights, and she keeps on pecking his head until he runs away! They are both miniatures, fully grown and Rose is laying. Her eggs are fertile, as there's the bullseye sign in the yolk when I crack one open so he gets to her some of the time.
    Any thoughts on this weird behaviour or is it normal for a hen to decline mating?

  2. aoxa

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    Completely normal.. Especially if the rooster is younger.

    I even see hens low on the pecking order beating up on roosters who are just starting to mate.

    Only time they get mated is if they catch them from behind and the hens think it's the older rooster.. after they mate, the hen will then proceed to whoop the young cockerel's fluffy butt.

    All in good fun :D at least for me!
  3. kellysmall87

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    Hahah whoop their fluffy butts!! It is funny to watch... glad it's normal! :)

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