My poultry pals are driving me nuts.


5 Years
Aug 28, 2018
Here i go again with my Looney birds.
Do chickens and geese have an infinity for plastic and Styrofoam? I work on large scale holiday displays, so many of my new purchases are packed with Styrofoam. Once my girls and ganders see it, they try to eat it! This morning, I had to football tackle one of my girls to get a chunk away from her. The geese also like chewing on plastic bags. Of course I have to keep those items out of reach, but have any of you ever experienced This?

A goose question. I notice if my sobostopol geese see an unfamiliar object or an item blocking their path, they won't budge. They just stand in one spot. No matter how much I call them, they don't move. Is this a protective/normal behavior?
Mt chickens go crazy for Styrofoam, last year i tried insulating a brooder with Styrofoam with foil backing, and all exposed Styrofoam was eaten immediately they must think it tastes good:lau
Chicken junk food. Not just styrofoam, but any kind of foam. I use my styrofoam to feed my mealworms. The peanuts that dissolve in water (made out of cellulose, I think) are their favorite.

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