My pullet won't or can't stand up!


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Jun 6, 2018
2 days ago my pullet came out of the hoop coop limping. No matter how much space you give them they like to pile up like circus performers on the roosts so I thought perhaps the Brahma sat on her. We checked her legs and hips. Everything felt fine. I thought she would just work it out. She either limped the rest of the day or laid in the shade. Mine free range in my backyard. That night though I decided to separate her just in case. Yesterday she sat all day. She didn't even go in to roost in the small coop she is in. She had some runny brown poop on her bottom (could have been from too many bugs) when I picked her up and put her in to roost. This morning she was still inside the coop. I have put her in a small hoop coop in the yard on some grass. She has access to food and water, sun and shade. Her comb has a tinge of purple. It is darker not bright red like it normally is. To move around she is using her body, not her legs. She is not standing or walking. So Symptoms: Not able to stand or walk, runny brown poop, darkened comb, lack of appetite, she has stopped laying.

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