My Roo Does not like a couple of his girls


6 Years
Aug 10, 2013
I'm at a loss of what to do. I have had eight hens for some time, three months or so ago I brought in a rooster because I wanted to start raising my own chicks, it took a few weeks but they accepted his advances and things were going great. I then decided I wanted a few different breeds of chicks, ( I started out with Golden Sex-links, Austalorps and Heritage White's) I purchased 2 EE's and Two Ancona's ( the Ancona's were already laying and the EE's were to start within the month)... Did everything I was supposed to as far as keeping them separate then when it was time brought them in at night and sat them in the main coop.. of course for the first couple weeks the four newbies stayed to themselves but eventually the Roo got friendly with the EE's and soon after the first egg was laid they were consistently fertile.. My problem, he hates the Ancona's If they come anywhere near him he attacks them, sometimes viciously, enough time has passed that they should be part of the flock but if they attempt to lay an egg while the hens are in the run/coop, they are ran out. Its only after I let them all out to free range will the Ancona's have the peace to go in and lay their eggs. I've wondered if I shouldn't go ahead and sell these two and try another breed. They are both sweet girls a bit flighty at times but nothing that's caused a problem and they give us wonderful clean white large eggs. I'm just at a loss of what if anything i can do.
I'll make the assumption that your Anconas have rather large combs. Perhaps the rooster thinks that they are male - hence competitors. Have you considered replacing the rooster?
I thought the same thing, about there combs... Yes, I thought about replacing him but just wanted to ask if there was anything else I could do before I did that...He is such a cool looking bird but bottom line, I like the white eggs I get more than I like him
One more question that may be dumb but I am a newbie to the whole chicking raising business... Will a new Roo accept the 7 week old chicks that have become part of the flock??

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