My roo is overly attentive???

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    Jan 5, 2011
    I have 2 RIR hens, Lucy and Ethel and last spring Ethel went broody so I gave her some fertile eggs, which she hatched and reared. I kept a beautiful young cockral named of course Fred. Now Fred is 11months old and he and Ethel are inseperable. He has turned into a wonderful young gentleman so far, finding the worms and grubs for the ladies, saving the best for Ethel. The last 2 days Ethel has begun to show signs of being broody again and Fred will not leave her side. Is this normal? Is he just young and not ready to be away on his own? Is he bored with out her to cater to? It doesn't seem to bother her but he seems to be very anxious over her change of routine. If I do let her set will he bother the young chicks? She was a very good mama the first time I would like to expand the flock a little if it's safe.
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    You roo should be fine [​IMG] I've never had any problem from mine and any of the chicks [​IMG]
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