My rooster attacked one of my hens!


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I don't think he was trying to breed her...he's never attacked any of the other girls like this before...




I applied triple antibiotic ointment to the wound - I didn't know what else to do for her. He ripped right through the skin!

They were free ranging and scratching around in the barn and he decided to attack. I doctored her up and put her into the coop. A little while later he went into the coop and tried to attack her again. I locked him out of the coop tonight...didn't know what else to do!
Do you have any dog kennels? The plastic kind work great - if so, put her in one. If you can bring her into the house, or garage - where it is a bit warmer than the coop, for a day or two, would be good . You can monitor her and let her heal without being picked on. If you need to leave her in the coop - the kennel will protect her from being picked on also (open wounds often draw unwanted attention).

How old is the rooster and how old is the injured girl?
The rooster is 18 months old...a rhode island red. The girl is 7 months old...a cochin.

I do have a dog crate that I can put her in...but she'll have to stay in the coop.

How long do you think a wound like this would take to heal?
Sometimes a rooster will take a dislike to a hen, for whatever reason. Our beta roo cannot stand hens that are not solid color...those that have a pattern to them, like pencilled or barred hens. Who knows why. He himself is black with various iridescent colors.
I have not had one hurt like that (yet) but I would give her a couple days at least. You will see it start to regrow. Depending upon how the feathers lay against the wound, it may or may not be visible to the other birds. If visible - blu-cote would help hide the "newness" of the wound.

Is she laying yet? If not, she might be getting closer, and he is trying to push her into breeding - she is standing her ground, saying "no way". Some roosters will push the issue, some will not.
I am so sorry about your girl, how horrible. I hear RIR roosters are mean
I have a BC marans hen that had a an injured comb, and a couple of my other hens were pecking at her at night. It started out black then turned white and looked like the comb was dying. I brought her inside for a 5 nights and applied Vetericyn morning and night. It seems to have started healing nicely, turning more pinkish. I am still using the Vetericyn, and am hoping it will heal completely. I got it from the feed store when my guinea pig had an abscess under his chin. With antibiotics, warm compresses and the Vetericyn, it has completely healed. Saved me a $400+ vet bill
If you can find it, you might try it on the wound, it is supposed to kill germs and increase blood flow to speed healing. In the mean time, definitely keep her separated from ALL the chickens. They will all go after her if she is weak. A dog crate, or small animal cage, or even the bathtub, would work. After one night, my hen was used to her cage and walked in and out on her own. I think she appreciated the safety.

Good luck
Is she laying yet? If not, she might be getting closer, and he is trying to push her into breeding - she is standing her ground, saying "no way". Some roosters will push the issue, some will not.

Not yet but she is definitely getting close.

Homeboy (rooster) is actually very sweet to the other hens and to people, but for some reason he's taken a disliking to Miss Flufferbottom

Fluffer is a very shy, laid back kind of girl. She doesn't like to leave the coop much...not much for free ranging...and doesn't like to get her feathered feet dirty.

I'm just really worried that he'll attack the other girls too. I've got one the same age as Homeboy and has been laying for a while...but the rest are just getting there (in terms of laying). One started laying today...the rest have yet to lay. Homeboy and the hen that is close to his age were rescues. I didn't really want the rooster but had to take him to get the hen. The hen was in awful shape cause the guy who had them thought hens were worthless pieces of garbage and that since he couldn't afford to feed Homeboy anymore that if I would give him a good home then I could take the hen too.
Not all are mean. I have a bantam RIR rooster - Woodstock, he is sweet as sugar. A lap sitter, snuggler, loves to be petted and will fall asleep in my lap.

Oh, I didn't mean to imply all RIR roosters are mean. I have just heard it a lot on this forum. I know RIR tend to be more outgoing than the typical chicken. I have a hen that isn't afraid of anything. She isn't "mean" but she isn't nice either. But she is still one of my favorites because she interacts with me. Not a "lap sitter" though

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