My rooster is acting kinda drunk and loosing feathers:(


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Apr 29, 2013
My sweet Rhode Island Red rooster is kinda acting drunk and loosing feathers... He will normally let me pick him up but usually he will peck ya if your hand gets within range.. He is just acting strange, he usually attacks the other rooster when he's being mean to us... But now nothing, I haven't seen him eat either or drink... He wasn't interested in the veggies I took out this morning.. It's been this way for a week at least, but it started just with the feathers I thought maybe he was molting...(a lot of my hens continued to lay through the winter)... When I picked him up yesterday to look him over, I was stroking him and he dropped his head and closed his eyes... Usually he stays very alert when handling him and petting him....when I put him down it took him a second to come to and then he stumbled back under the coop.... He was born oct. 10th about a year and a half old, all the other chickens seem to be acting fine... I deep clean the coop every 4-5 months.. And just clean it every 2-3 months or so.. They have auto waterers and always have feed and we take out veggies every so often as long as they are not moldy....we recently had an issue with coyotes taking hens and mole would give chase, so I had to make them a fenced enclosure... They haven't roamed the whole pasture in about 3 weeks...any help would be appreciated, thanks
Welcome to BYC, and good luck in defining and solving the rooster's problem. Also good luck in eliminating the coyotes.
I hope someone can help you determine his problem and solve it. Makes me think he ingested something toxic

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