My rooster is attempting to crow


7 Years
Jul 31, 2012
Richmond, VA
I have a 20 week old Dominique rooster. He has begun to make crowing-like noises. He's not consistent as of yet, and even seems puzzled that he's making such noises. But I'm pretty sure he'll soon gain confidence and let 'er rip! I hope he will also begin to move up the ranks in the pecking order. He is currently sitting at #5 out of 6 chickens, he being the only roo. He protects the hen who is last in pecking order. I'm so glad to see that! :)
yup, a few more weeks and he'll be moving up that pecking order.
This was mine at 12 weeks, when he was first trying. He was also being pushed around a bit by the two bigger girls, but not any more. Now he's about 21 weeks and really good at crowing and protecting his girls.
It sounds like he's all choked up. LOL So sweet that your rooster is now protecting his harem. I find it very fascinating how mother nature works! Thanks for sharing your video.

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