My rooster is limping and has a black claw

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7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Hi everyone,
I am desperate for some help. The other day I noticed my rooster was limping pretty bad. We researched it and thought , of course bumblefoot. so we made him a separate enclosure, got supplies for "surgery" but couldnt find anything right away. Then we noticed one of his claws is short and black. Looks bad. My question is, what in the world can i do? He is isolated now from the girls and resting a lot, eating and drinking well. We have an animal ointment we are applying in addition to cleaning it well each time. I cannot find anything about this on the internet. Thank you in advance for your help!
Without actually seeing it, I couldn't say. If the toe itself is turning black, I think it means the tissue is dying and the toe will eventually fall off. Could be due to a severe infection in the toe. Also I wonder if he does have bumblefoot, which is an abscess in the toe pad, maybe the swelling got so big that it cut off the circulation to the toe, which thence became gangrenous. In any case, if you want to save the toe, I would take him to a vet.

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