My rooster is limping.


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Sorry if this is the wrong forum but i have about a 20 week old rooster who is limping. When he runs he like hops on one leg. He is also sitting a lot. Also he can't really jump good either because when i was letting my chickens out to free range but he wanted to come out but he couldn't so i lifted him. Should i be worried? i will post pics if needed.
Typically mareks affects youngsters, while lymphoid leukosis is more likely for older birds. They look very similar in symptoms and are often mistaken for each other, without a necropsy.

A limp can be disease, but it can also be caused by injury. Could he have gotten into a fight with another? How high are the roosts? Jumping down and landing badly can also cause limping. Did you look at his feet for signs of bumblefoot? Just some other things to consider.
Could he have gotten into a fight with another?

This is very possible because he keeps attacking the hen and he sometimes gets into fights with another rooster.

How high are the roosts?

I don't have any roosts in my coop.

Did you look at his feet for signs of bumblefoot?

What is bumblefoot?

Also he seems to be eating normally and keeps crowing like he usually does.​
Here is some pictures of feet. Hope these help.



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Look at the bottom. You would see a black plug type mark on the foot pad. In the last pic, it appears there may be some swelling on the middle toe.
I will be watching this.
I had/have a similar situation, but I think mine hurt himself getting down from the roost now. At first though I thought he was too fat for his structure, he's as heavy as a turkey at only 6 months old. The ladies in the coop we're protecting him from the other Roo, so I knew something was up.

I thought he was a goner, that I'd have to put him down. Then I put him in his own pen for a couple of days and he started walking around a bit. A week later he still limps just a bit but is up and around with a bunch of other boys in a grow out pen.

I commented because one of the pics of yours foot all curled up reminded me of his.

I dunno.. but I hope you get some answers.
Well mine is always running around though. but he just has to hop. Is it possible that he could have gotten a cactus thorn in it because he keeps standing in a cactus?
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