My rooster seems to have gotten more protective and neurotic since a hen was killed?


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Jun 9, 2012
I recently moved to a new place in the country so that I could keep my roosters and be closer to work. It's near the mountains so there are coyotes around, which neighboring dogs mainly kept at bay, which I assumed would be enough while I spent a week or so and got their new run built. Unfortunately, the day before I finished, a coyote got in the yard and grabbed one of my black cochins, Dolores. Ludu, a very kind and very protective rooster, actually chased off after the coyote.

For the past few days, Ludu has been much more protective of the flock. He poofs up and struts around a lot more, almost to the point of seeming neurotic. The neighbor's dogs, which are separated by a fence, were generally left alone, but now when they bark he runs over there to "bark" back at the with a "BOK BOK BOK BOK!" and sometimes a crow. I'm just worried that he's going to stress himself out; he always seemed a little neurotic, but now I'm worried it's over the top. I assume people here have experienced this, will it calm down after a bit?

But, for all of his protectiveness, he's never once run at or pecked me or anyone else who's gone in the yard.
People prefer an aggressive rooster because of the fact of which you have mentioned; that they chase away predators. A fox got into my garden and killed all of mine except one hen... but you could see that my rooster put up a massive fight to protect his ladies. It is natural for him to be more panicked about events; maybe they would feel safer locked in for a while? I suspect at night while you're in bed, the chickens hear the coyote sniffing around which makes them feel very unsafe. In my garden, the fox came back every night chewing at the wooden coop trying to get my new flock, so I would say that the coyote is around at night.. I don;t know how coyotes work however as I live in England- worst one here is a fox.

Personally I would keep them secure for a while until they start to forget. My hen that was attacked by the fox was kept in my garage for a while as she wouldn't go back into the garden - I think they remember everything. As time passes, your rooster will forget maybe.
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I don't really have anywhere more secure to keep them, though their full fenced in run is mostly complete now so they're safe.

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