My rooster Tobi


In the Brooder
Nov 12, 2018
This is my rooster Tobi, his mother is Snowy, and his father is Pepper both hen and roo are almost 2 years old coming up April 23rd, and their son will be 1 year old May 13th. Tobi has a half brother related to the dad Pepper, the brother is a Leghorn Columbian Wyandotte mix names Donut, but due to him and Pepper fighting, he went to a friends farm to take over the job of their old rooster. Pepper, by the way, is a Columbian Wyandotte, Snowy is a Light Brahma, I'm wondering if Tobi would be classified as a Columbian Brahma or just a hybrid? I plan to use him for breeding soon, his offspring will be used for both meat and eggs. Tobi hid have a name before, Frost, but I changed it as I didn't find it too fitting anymore lol. He is a very great rooster so far just like his dad. I'm proud of my boys.
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