My rooster wont crow!!


9 Years
Jul 21, 2010
I thought when I will get a rooster he will crow and have to give him away.
He is a lavender chicken, he is big.
Thats what gave me the thought he would crow loud.
But in the past weeks he won't crow!
Sometimes he would crow but you could barely hear him.
I wish I had a pic of him but he is the very first rooster I got to keep for a long time.
His name Gordan and he is a SWEET boy.
You do realize that you have just jinxed yourself. Tomorrow he will start crowing incessantly, the neighbors will complain, and ------------
who knows?
He's still my boy.
Juuusssttt wait, he'll start crowing. I have a couple that take little breaks. Also it seems if there is a dominant roo, the lessers wont crow at all (cause they have no reason to I guess). I have one Silkie that I haven't heard a peep from ever, but he's with his big brother who is dominant and crows a lot.
Well it is winter.
But the thing is I got him at summer.
And he has been caged up since he was a little chick.
He never really was outside, Until I got him.
We had to wait to put him outside because he had worms and fungus.
Once he got better he ran out everywhere and gave himself huge dirtbaths.
But when he crows you can barely hear him.
And most of the time he dosent.
People would pay money for a crowless rooster!
Unfortunately , I'm in Canada or I would take your silent boy in a heart beat.
Be thankful you have a quiet boy. Breed him for more silent boys and you could have a market!
good luck
I too have one that seems to be crowless. Its about 6 months old now and I always thought it was a pullet till recently it started developing saddle feathers and today he jumped on a young hen. I have never even seen it attempt to crow. I do have a lovely rooster that does the crowing but we live in the country so its ok.
I have a crowless rooster too. But he is the lesser of my flock. I've only heard him crow once.
My Blue silkie Roo will not crow. When we first got him, he crowed a few times. Since then he's been quiet. My husband keeps telling me our roo is broken

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