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May 30, 2020
A while ago I came out to take care of my chickens and I noticed my roosters comb was like a weird purple, blue. So I got onto this site to try and figure it out and I think it was just the blue comb disease, but my rooster is just fine, but it comes back and then it goes away for a little bit. It was a while ago that I first noticed his comb. I asked a vet and she said he looks like a very healthy rooster. But I am still confused about his comb🤔
Can you post some photos when you notice his comb turning a bit blue?

Could be from lack of oxygen or hormones rooster. Combs can change colors quickly. If he's acting fine, then I wouldn't really worry about. Provide fresh feed and water daily.
Take note of weather, activity, behavior, etc. when you notice the comb changing color, that may give you a clue as well.

I'm not sure about Blue Comb disease?
Here's some info on Blue Comb Disease:
Well my rooster is acting fine. When his comb has changed colors he is still acting fine. im not worried though. Im just really confused. I feel like it might be poor circulation.

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