My runner's first egg!!!

sweet duck mom

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Jun 7, 2013
My little chocolate runner laid her first egg this morning. I have been on cloud nine all day. I tell everyone I see about it but of course my friends don't quite get what all the excitement is about. I know you guys will! I called my husband at work right away and he was every bit excited as me! Unfortunately, our little Judy laid her egg in the water pan. Can we still eat the egg or is it contaminated? I am so proud of my girl and will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next egg. We have three more girls. Two of them have a ways to go before they start to lay (judging by the pelvic bones) but our black girl is getting close so hopefully we will have two laying soon.
Congrats it's a great feeling getting your first egg we got ours a week ago and we have 4 girls and didn't know who layed it but we reckon it was snowflake a silver runner as her belly was so low to the floor and the other girls were not , I woke the whole house up when we got an egg and told everyone I knew on Facebook lol they are my babies and wanted to share my news with the world :)
I totally relate. Congrats to you to! We had egg no.2 this morning. It was another little one (they are so cute!). I will be taking note of how low the little duck bellies are getting.
I do not eat eggs that have been in water.

What about feeding them to a dog? My ducks have a pond in their pen, and just started laying in random locations, so I'm sure I'll find the occasional egg in the pond. I plan to feed a good percent of the eggs to my dogs anyway, any reason I can't give them any I find in the pond?
FWIW-I personally would not feed eggs to my dogs that I find in either a pool or pond. But that is my personal feeling, not based on any fact. It just seems to me that the bacteria level on the egg might be too high and cause a problem with the dogs digestive system. My dogs are house dogs and I would not want them with diarrhea from eggs that absorbed something from the water. But, again, that is just me.

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