My scissor beak, could she possibly lay an egg?


8 Years
Mar 25, 2011
Oakland County, MI
Ugg is my Polish scissorbreak. She seems to be a bit on the small size I'm sure it has alot to do with her disability, in the beginning she might not have been getting enough to eat while I was figuring it all out. She gets plenty of oatmeal, scrambled eggs and feed now etc, all in a deep dish. Do you think its possible that she won't be able to lay bc of her possibly stunted growth? She's at 5 months now. My only other bird to compare her to is my polish roo, same age but huge compared to her. Even my silkies are passing her up. Here is a picture of her, I just had her at the vet to clip her beak down as I wasn't brave enough to attempt it on my own. He said he thought she looked good. I think I can manage the upkeep with the beak now though.

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Mine didi! Make sure to sprinkle grit on top of her food so she can digest it. I gave mine extra meal worms and sunflower pieces each morning and night. She OWNED that bowl! She started laying small pullet eggs about two months after the others but then she unfortunately died, not sure why. Good luck!

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