My Sebright hen has gotten alot worse please help! EMERGENCY!


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Louisville Kentucky
It started with her legs not working everyone told me it was vitamin B2 deficiency. But I couldn't find any stores selling just that vitamin. So I gave her some chicks vitamins that where suppose to contain B2. But today she just become A LOT worse. She can not sit up at all now and as of last hour she can't even hold up her head. I've been giving her some electrolytes as well and tomorrow I'm heading out to the city to stop at a vitamin store in the hopes of finding B2 it's self.

So PLEASE PLEASE If any one can help or has an idea what may be wrong please help me and my lil Sebright hen out.

The picture of her shows her on her first day of crippled feet. Now she keeps throwing her feet in front of her body and just falls her head forward. I honestly don't know what to do at this point. Other than her lack of mobility she's behaving normal but I'm still worried about loosing her.

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Poor lil thing! I hope you find the right vitamins for her! I don't know much about your problem but I wanted to give you a *bump* to the top!

Good luck!
I recommend vitamin B complex. Crush one tablet into powder and mix it in 20ml water dissolving by stirring. Use an eyedropper to adminster orally. Use your thumb and finger to open her mouth, squirt a few drops in her mouth and immediately let go of her beak so she can swallow the liquid mixture on her own, if you dont it might go down her windpipe and she could aspirate. Repeat several more times. Do this procedure 3 times a day for 5 days. If there's no improvement by the 5th day, discontinue treatment.
I'd like to see a closer pic of her leg/foot, especially her right leg.
I have never had a bird catch mareks before so it is highly un likley becuase she was also vaccinated against it as a chick and she is actually not that much older.

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