My second attempt at incubating

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    My first ever hatching adventure ended 2 weeks ago with just 2 out of 9 remaining eggs hatching. At first i was so upset that i swore never to do it again but having calmed down and seen just how gorgeous chicks are i have now decided to try again in a few weeks when the brooder is empty.

    My incubator is a homemade affair with 2 light bulbs for heat and a tray underneath acting as the water reservoir. I think what happened last time was that the temp was either too high (39 degrees) or the humidity was too high (fluctuated between 68-75% for the last 3 days). We added a heater underneath the water tray to keep the water temp up without us having to top it up constantly thinking that this would help raise the humidity. I realise we may have either boiled them or drowned them. [​IMG]

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how i can raise and keep up the humidity to a balanced level. Also, i was preparing to lower the temp for the last 3 days but someone else said on another forum that you shouldnt lower the temp, what do think about that. Its hard to know who and what to believe sometimes isn't it.

    I can post pics of the inci if you want to see it for yourself.

    Many thanks
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    Temps need to stay steady throughout. Here that means 99.5 F. you'll have to convert that to C.

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