My self-build backyard coop & run


6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
My Coop
My Coop
Hi all,

From sunny Portugal, some pictures of my new diy coop (my rendition of the Purina Coop design) & run... Hope you like it.

Only 5 girls in it now (resting close to the wall in one of the pics)... Waiting for these little guys to grow up a bit and joint them!!

That looks great, Daedalus62. The dual-opening doors make it look easy to clean. Enjoy! Oh, I'm glad Portugal is getting sun!
In sunny SW Colorado, we're getting rain like crazy! Must be some kind of meteorological swapping!
What a great coop/run. I did the same thing.....

I eventually enclosed the bottom and painted it...

Right now I'm working on expanding the pen area for more room...
Glad to have ya here
That looks great Deadalus62, thanks for sharing. How many m2 do you have outside?
Parabéns está muito giro!! ( só escrevo em inglês para todos seguirem o tópico
I agree with the double doors. Hubby built our coop, the access doors to the nest area are large double doors. I have plenty of room to reach in to clean. They don't go all the way down to ground but they are large, opening up the nest box nicely. I can lean in and reach corners. You have a nice coop great job.
Hi all,

Thanks for all your compliments!!... All new to chicken keeping, but I love a building challenge and this was/is a good project... Trying to keep the costs down was (a big) part of it...

Now, using some leftover wood from the coop build, I'm building a feeder... Work in progress... Some pics...

It will be hanging from a horizontal pole and, next to it, a bucket with some water nipples in the bottom... My feeding/watering station...

Hi CarmenPT,

Haven't really measured it
... Roughly I would say somewhere from 25 to 30m2.

Where are you from?... I live in Alcabideche, near Cascais/Estoril.

Good luck with your build!!

I am building the Purina coop too! How many chickens can this hold??

Hi marilyn1954,

I'm a newbie to chicken keeping but, from what I gather...

The Purina coop plan says 8... But if you have enough perch space (I have 4 perches in mine) AND good ventilation/air circulation, I think you can go up to 12 without problems... That's what I intend to do... Given that they're only inside the coop to perch during the night and that you need an average of 1 nest per 4 birds (3 nests in the Purina coop plan, 3 X 4 = 12).

Like I said, this is just my educated guess... People with chicken raising experience (not me!), may tell you otherwise.

Nice coop!


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