My Sick Duck Goliath


Oct 30, 2018
Hello everyone, I am needing some help. So I will tell you when this all started. I had 3 ducks and 1 chicken together in a 10x10x6 dog kennel. One day I go to take care of them and my chicken was just gone with no signs of her what so ever. She has never gotten out before and even if she did she loves the ducks so I don’t believe she would run away anywhere. When I noticed she was gone one of my ducks acted funny. He wasn’t himself and would just stand there looking sad really. He looked just fine, he didn’t have a mark on him or anything. A day or 2 passed and while I was out of town I got word that he had passed away. A couple days after that my Peking duck goliath was acting funny. Not being able to walk well and one of his eyes is shut. Goopy looking but not runny. I decided to separate him in a pen in our stone garage with a heat lamp and food and water. Almost a week has gone by and he still hasn’t moved... I make sure he has fresh food and water everyday but nothing has helped. He has been pooping in the same spot so now his tail is all green. I try to get him to stand or walk but he just falls back down and lays there. So I’m not sure what to do he is only about 9months old. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

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