My silkie hen died! I need answers as to why!

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    Oct 22, 2014
    So I went out to the chicken coop this morning to let them out. I saw my white silkie hen COVERED...I MEAN COVERED in chicken poop. She was apparently roosting underneath another hen on the ladder. So I took her in the house, filled up a bucket with lukewarm water, washed the poop off with dawn, then washed her with kids shampoo. I gently poured water on her back to get the suds out and then (instructed by a website) blow dried her. I made sure to have the blow dryer on low heat and low force. I was sure to keep moving it. I dried her pretty well on her head and back, but there were still some areas in front that definitely weren't dry. Well, it is fall time here in Michigan. It was about 43 degrees today, and there have been quite a few rainy days lately, so I thought it would be ok to put her back outside. (comparing it to rain) I let her go in the yard, then I picked her up again after about 15 min. because she was acting funny. So I put her in the coop. I figured she could dry off in there. The next thing I know, I came home and she was dead!! I am so torn apart and sad because she was so sweet, and I feel so guilty, like I did something wrong! Please, I need answers!
  2. I'm sorry this happened :hugs ... It might be because her feathers weren't fully dried, so she got cold. Chicks can die from getting cold, and silkie feathers are similar to a chicks down, which might explain it. (I'm taking a guess here, but I hope it can help)

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