My Silkie Roo has a problem with his bottom

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    I had noticed that my roo appeared to have runny stools based on the messy bottom I could see without picking him up. I figured it must be some veggies or the amount of veggies he had been eating in the garden (all my beasties run free during the day). I went ahead and wormed the whole flock with wazine since they were due and it seemed to clear up. I never noticed any runny or extra stinky poop in the coops. Then, the other day I saw my roo standing in a position that indicated he was straining to have a bowel movement. I caught him with some food treats to get a better look and his rectum was almost crusted over and quite smelly. I washed it real good with warm water and there seems to be a growth of some sort on the bottom side extending about half way across the opening. The growth almost looks like a piece of captain crunch cereal (and he has not had any cereal to eat -ha ha). He is acting normal, eating and drinking water and running the yard like he always does. I wash his bottom every day at least once and have been putting triple care ointment on it. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone run into this problem. Thanks
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    This is one of those times when a pic would be extremely helpful.

    Trim some of his feathers to help prevent some of the buildup. I've got one girl who's just a pet that I've had to do that with. She's always had loose stools and it would build up on her feathers. By trimming some of the fluff its not much of a problem any more.
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    I would take a sample in to the vet and have it tested (you wouldnt want to take the chance he might have something that would spread to the rest of your flock)

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