My silkies have stopped laying (at only 6 months old). What's going on?


Mar 26, 2015
My young silkies (6 months old) have stopped laying! I've had them a couple of months and they started laying approximately a month ago.
I had them separated from the rest of my flock for a while in a separate little yard inside the other girls (2x Isa. 1x Leghorn) yard, so they could all get used to each other without the bigger girls picking on the silkies.
About a week ago I moved them all in together in a new yard my partner built (the big girls do pick on the silkies a bit, but it seems to be getting better) and the silkies haven't laid since! I don't know if they're not laying due to shorter day length or stress due to moving into the new yard with the bigger girls and I'm not really sure what to do to make things better for them/have them lay again.
If anyone has any advice on what I can do to help my silkies out, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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