My silkies!!!


11 Years
May 7, 2008
Madison-Columbus WI
I finally got to see my Silkies today!!!

A friend has been keeping them for me during the winter because my set up was not the greatest and they are GOURGEOUS!!!

Out of the 3 one turned out to be a roo and he is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL. He is tiny but obviously is a roo and is already mating and constantly trying to mate with one of the females. These are the TINIEST silkies I've ever seen and already so "mature". My friend told me he has not crowed yet but he is definetly a boy so I am not sure how long I will be able to keep him. He is about 6 months and he is so small and handsome. Here are some pictures of them a couple of months ago. They are much more beautiful now! - I am counting down the days to bring them back home.



Ohh, so cute!! I would love to have silkie bantams but I've read they tend to be broody and we can't have a rooster where we live. Do you think they're broodier than other breeds?
I've never seen my silkies taking a dust bath, so maybe that's why they stay pretty clean. These pictures are from a month or two ago, they look even better now. He is the most handsome silkie rooster I've ever seen.
My silkies might be too fancy for dust baths
- the other hens I had (not silkies) sure loved to get in the dirt. I am planning on having sand in my run so they wont be able to make too much of a mess if they ever discover dust bathing.

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