My Sultan is behaving strangely

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8 Years
May 4, 2011
Hi there,
My 11 week old sultan has a habit of making a lot of noise every evening at dusk. I keep reading that sultans are usually very quiet. Anyway, he/she also likes to burrow underneath the other chickens while making his racket. I mean, he likes them to sit on his head and sides. Is he she really a rooster and just trying to cop a feel?
Or is something wrong?
Really, nobody has a reply?? I am writing this right now , while my Sam (named so because I thought that I had purchased a salmon favorelle) is creating his nightly raucous. Really, it is very loud! It lasts for at least an hour and a half. According to all of my online visits to hatchery farms and poultry forums, Sultans are supposed to be super docile and very very very quiet. What is wrong? Out of 8, he/she is the only one to make such a big deal out of the sun sinking.
Please, someone, help me.
Sometimes chickens don't read the same books/websites we do that describes how they are supposed to act. Chickens don't "cop a feel", if they want to mate they just do it. Your guy/gal may be a little chilly and seeking the body heat of others. His/her loud ruckus may be his/her way of saying its time to huddle. Hopefully others will be along shortly to offer other suggestions.

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